Laws Related to Women in The Workplace!

shutterstock_171112052In last few decades women all over the world have made a lot of progress and they are on the path of development and therefore we find that many women are excelling in their chosen careers and also doing well in the educational field. Many have fought for rights of women and it seems that the struggle is still going on because women face too many challenges, just because of their gender. Therefore there are many laws that are made to ensure that women get equal rights at the workplace and they don’t have to suffer because of their gender.

Laws for Women at Workplaces

  • It is against the law to deny a post to a woman due to the reason of her gender if she is equally qualified and she is also eligible for equal pay for equal work.images
  • The most important laws that are important for each and every woman who is working at an office, factory or company including the domestic help is the laws regarding the sexual harassment.
  • The sexual harassment laws make sure that all instances of sexual harassment are covered in the laws and the women get protection from such people who try to take undue advantage of their high position in a workplace.
  • The sexual harassment includes the mode of transport as well as the workplace so that a woman is always protected when she is coming to the work in a transport provided by the employer.
  • It is mandatory for the companies and businesses to have a committee where a woman can report if she is feeling threatened due to sexual harassment.
  • The second aspect of laws for women is the laws related to maternity so that she will be able to have all the benefits while she is on maternity leave. This means that having a child should not be held as an impediment towards her promotions and growth in her career.
  • No one can refuse the maternity leave to any woman and she cannot be terminated from service because of pregnancy. Paid maternity leave of legally prescribed duration is the right of every woman and this right cannot be taken away from her.

women-lawyer-jobs-860x517Each woman should be aware of her rights that have been given to her by the law so that she can take a legal action if someone is violating those rights. Ignorance of such beneficial laws can cause loss of income, loss of opportunities as well as loss of dignity in the case of sexual harassment cases. Women need to be aware and also active for implementation of their legal rights and also help other women who are ignorant about these rights and legal provisions. There are also other laws for women that ensure her fair treatment in the marital home and also provide her legal resource that she can use if she is being a victim of domestic abuse from her husband or anyone else. Domestic violence laws are quite strict and restraint orders can be passed against the accused so that the woman can feel safe.